College Cup

We live in a society that always strives to be the best. Here at Technovanza, we also want to know who the best is. We want students from different colleges to prove to us that their college is the best. As a Campus ambassador, we would like you to represent your college and show us just how good your institute is!

House Cup

Technovanza would be incomplete without some competition within the departments. We have divided the departments into three houses,
Blue Dragons
Red Phoenix
Green Griffins
Which group of departments have the skills, which house will stand on top? Only after participating and displaying your talents will we be able to find out!

School Cup

In the previous years, we restricted Technovanza for college going students, but we realised that we were missing out on a huge demographic. We encourage all school students to show us your passion and zeal. You are the future of our nation and we want you to showcase yourself to us.