Prize: ₹ 10,000/-

There are explorers on the path of adventure, saints on the path of spirituality, and then here we are, tracing the path of tomorrow with Time and technology.
So all you ingenious engineers-to-be out there have an opportunity to Muster here and not only witness, but also be a part of the exhibit of sheer efficacy of brilliance
Intelligent bots tested by a shrewd arena! The bots will have to tackle various challenges thrown by the automated arena in the forms of line following and light following. The path will be full of sharp turns , junctions, breaks, unusual curves and pointed angles. The path to success won’t be easy. The fastest bot with most efficient code will take home the title of – “WALL-E”. Let’s see who is the one which has both these qualities is!
Team specification:
1.A team may consist of maximum 4 participants. Students from different educational institutions can form a team.
Certificate Policy:
1.Certificate of appreciation/participation will be awarded to all teams. And certificate of excellence will be given to top three teams.
2.Disqualified teams will not be considered for any certificates.
Level 1
  1. The robot has to start from the specified starting point.
  2. The bot has to follow the specified line.
  3. If the bot wanders from the line it to start from the previous checkpoint. The checkpoints will be disclosed at the time of the event.
  4. Only three restarts will be allowed throughout the task. After that the particular team will be disqualified.
  5. The path width will be 30mm.

Changes in the dimensions of the arena, if any, are subject to change by 5%.

Level 2:

  1. Checkpoint is compulsory.

1. Only 1 bot per team is allowed.
2. Once the timer is started it won’t be stopped under any circumstances.
3. The bot should not damage the arena. In case of any damage the organizers have the right to disqualify that particular team.
4. While taking a restart the team cannot change the code or cannot add or remove any bulky material which will affect the weight of the bot.
5. In case of ambiguity, decision of the organizers is final
6. Bot must be started individually by only one switch. However the team may have an on-board reset switch. This switch has to be shown to the organizer before the run.
7. When the autonomous bot start no team member is allowed to touch the bot.
8. At the start of the task, the bot will be placed at the starting point. Only one team member from the team is allowed to be near the game field while starting the bot.
9. Run will start only when the organizer gives the signal.
10. The starting procedure of the bot should be simple and should not involve giving the bot manual force or impulse in any direction.
11. Laptops/ personal computers are not allowed near the arena. Other Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth devices etc. must be switched off. The organizers hold the right to check these devices and their usage and disqualify the team. The bot must not receive any kind of input outside the arena.
12. The time measured by the organizers will be final and will be used for scoring. The time measured by the team by any other means is not acceptable and will not considered for scoring.
13. Changes in the RULES will be notified on the WEBSITE and will be INFORMED to the participating teams.
14. The DECISION made by Organisers will be FINAL.

Bot Specifications

1. Use of LEGO KITS is not allowed.
2. The autonomous bot must into a box of dimensions 220mm x 220mm x 220mm.
3. Autonomous bot must have 12V supply on board.
4. The bot should not separate or split into two or more parts. All the units which are touching each other or are in the starting point will be considered as one bot.
5. Bot must be started individually by only one switch. However the team may have an on-board reset switch. This switch has to be shown to the organizer before the run.

1.The team with best timing and covered maximum track length wins the specific level. (Higher preference to track length i.e if both the bots complete the same track length then the bot with better timing will be the winner or else the bot which has covered maximum track length is the winner irrespective of the time.
2.In 2nd round, incase, there is a tie the timings of the previous round will be considered.
3.Teams which fail to follow the rules or whose bot doesn’t fit into the specifications will be disqualified.
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