Ultimate Coder

Prize: ₹ 25,000/-

Being one of the biggest events of technovanza and one of its kind , Ultimate Coder will test not only your programming skills but your ability to handle pressure , distractions and dead lines .
It would be the ultimate test of your concentration skills with every round of it has a programming as well as a physical task associated with it . With the programing task becoming tougher and tougher with each round and the distraction keeps increasing will you b able to keep your cool and become the Ultimate coder ? .
Anyone can be a coder but it takes something special to be the ULTIMATE CODER
Theme for this year :

The event would be based on C , C++ and java Programming language The game would consist of 5 rounds each round will be of15 mins In each round you would be given a programmingproblem that you have to complete to get the points Contestants can choose any programming language of their choice to write programs.

1) Bouncing Characters : The physical task for round one the characters would bounce on the screen with the font style and colour changing continuously after every few seconds
2) Screen Rotation : The screen will be continuously rotated representing the wheel in circusand the hands of the contestants would be tied.
3) Passing Ball : there would be balls that contestants would continuously needs to pass they cannot hold it or else they would get disqualified with this the font size changes continuously representing various mirrors used in circus
4) Question popping up : Questions will popup in the screen which will freeze the screen To solve it user needs to either play the dart game or has to drink Karelia shots
5) Time bomb : The last round will be the most scariest round this time there would be two bombs to diffuse for the contestants . here bombs represents the timer that will start and the contestants has to solve the puzzle or a riddle or a physical task to get the ans if they are not able to do it the the timer will end and it will erase all the code written on the notepad

1)Participants are not allowed to carry any media devices such as pendrive , CD , DVD ,
2)Participant found copying or using unfair means will be disqualified
3)Mobile phones should be switched off during the event
4)All the stationary such as paper and pens will be provided
5)Points would be declared at the end of the round
6)Marking scheme is subjected to change and will be displayed on website
7)The decision of the event heads will be final
8)Any violation of rules will lead to disqualification
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