Smart City

Prize: ₹ 10,000/-

Still fantasizing about that city of your dreams? Well, Technovanza is back to give you a platform, to make all that out of your dreams and to design your very own city. So people! Grab the opportunity! Come, participate and prove your management and logical thinking in aspects of city planning and making it smart.
Team Specification :
A team may consist of a maximum of 4 participants.

Round 1 : Your view, your city
  1. Teams will be given a problem statement related to various issues .
  2. You have to give solutions to the problem, your view on it and its justification.
  3. Teams will be judged based on relevance of point.
  4. The write up will have a word limit of 120 words.
Round 2 : TechnoCity(City Planning)
  1. Every team will be give fixed amount of virtual money at the start of the game.
  2. This virtual money is used to win the structures in auction. Some golden structures includes college, shopping complex, hotels,etc.
  3. Numerous city functional buildings such as houses, factories, shops, roads, school, etc will be provided.
  4. Structures purchased can be used later to build your smart city. (There will be limited structure so very team should make sure that they purchase good amount of structure to complete your city.
  5. Once the auction is done, you can start with designing and arranging task in arena provided to the team.
  6. Team will also be given with some regional data which they have to consider while designing.
  7. The game is simple but requires systematic and logical placement of various structures for improving the efficiency of facilities provided to citizens.

Details of the future round will be revealed on the days of the event

Round 1 :
  1. Participants are not allowed to use internet.
  2. Also, they have to finish it within a specified time limit.
  3. The write up must contain minimum 5 points.
Round 2 :
  1. The team if confined to use only provided material.
  2. The building material should be handled carefully and damaging them can cause a penalty

Round 1 :
  1. Teams will be judged based on the relevance of point and unique new ways to solve the problem.
  2. Points will be deducted for crossing word limit
Round 2 :
  1. The team will judged on basis of sufficiency and balance of the city in regards to the structures purchased from virtual money.
  2. Design will be judged on basis of arrangement, use of regional data, problems faced by citizen residing in city
  3. Every efficient location of the structure will result in reward points for that team.
  4. Every inefficient location of the structure will result in deduction in points for that team
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