Prize: ₹ 5,000/-

A murder has been committed. Police has asked detective Mr. Sherlock homes (you as a participant) for help.
Now get ready to use your hacking/networking skills to catch the thick-skinned killer.

  1. The event requires you to play individually.
  2. The event will consist of THREE
  3. Each round is computer based.
  4. To win the competition you will have to successfully climb up the ladder.

Following is the description of Rounds and Point Criteria.

Round I

As you know the background of the theme, in this round you arrive at the crime scene and you find victim’s laptop. Now you know that the laptop may contain some clues about the crime. But the laptop is password protected. Being Sherlock Homes you will have to guess the password on the basis of victim’s personality traits (which we will provide you in the form of a document). If you are not able to crack the password, you can ask for hints to the organizers. The hints will consist of puzzles. Solving these puzzles will lead you to the correct password. You can opt for puzzle after 5 minutes of start time. The round will consist of 20 minutes.

Selection criteria:

  • 25% of the candidates will be selected based on the ascending order of time required for solving this round.
  • Opting for a hint adds extra 5 minutes to you total time.
  • Points earned will not be carried forward.


Round II

Now that you have entered into the victim’s laptop, you got to know that the victim has a network of friends few of which are primary suspects. The criminal has set a many traps and puzzles to make sure that you don’t enter the network. It is your task for this round to enter into the network.

No hints or bonuses will be provided. Time allotted will be 20 minutes.

Selection criteria:

  • There will be limited number of IPs available.The ones who get into the network will go to final round.
  • Scores/Points will not be carried forward.

Round III

Now you are in the network. One of the people in the network is the criminal. The criminal has maintained a file about how he executed the whole crime. Now it is your job to find and get access to that file and tell the police how the crime was executed (by filing the report for which the format will be provided).

No hints or bonuses will be provided. Time allocated will be 30 minutes.

Selection criteria:

No tricks here. The first candidate to file the correct report will be the WINNER.



  1. The competition will be executed in Three Rounds.
  2. Participant should strictly follow the instructions of every round.
  3. Usage of any unfair means will lead to immediate disqualification of the participant.
  4. All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity and final judgment will be with the Event Heads.

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