Prize: ₹ 7,000/-

Objective is to build a manually controlled bot as per given specifications and which can play soccer successfully.
Team Specification
  1. There can be maximum 4 members per team.
  2. Only 2 players from each team will be allowed to be present at the arena.
  3. One will be the driver and other will be wire holder.

  1. In the beginning, a toss will be played for the first hold over the ball. The toss winner will get possession of the ball at the center of arena whereas the opponent will be defending the post.
  2. The match will consist of two halves. The duration of one half will depend on type of match as-
    1. Initial knockout matches-3 min
    2. Quarter and semifinal-4 min
    3. Final-5 min
  3. In case of a draw, extra time of two minutes will be played. In this extra time the team scoring first will be declared winner. If a team commits foul in extra time, the other team will be declared winner.
  4. If no winner is declared even after the extra time, then a surprise element will be introduced.

  1. The machine can transform to its size only at arena. But cannot divide in parts.
  2. Each team will be given a time span of 2 min at the beginning of each half to make any changes or modifications in the bot.
  3. Bot Weight should not exceed 5 Kgs.
    1. If the bot becomes immobile during the match ,then that team will be given a white card. Each team will be given 30 seconds to do any necessary modification .If the team fails to do it in 30 seconds, extra 30 seconds will be given at the expense of 1 point. If the team could not repair the bot in this 1 minute, then it would be disqualified.
    2. Only two white cards will be given in a match and in occurrence of further cases the team would be disqualified.
  4. With each foul culprit team will be credited by -2 points.
  5. Wired applicants are not required to bring their own power supply. Only wireless bots are allowed to use their independent power source.
  6. For participation, each team should have his own bot of specified dimensions.
  7. Bots will be pre-analyzed by referee. He will select or reject bots by taking consideration the rules and dimension limit.
  8. The battery (potential) supplied to the bot should not exceed 12 volts..
  9. The match paused in case of any entanglement of wires of both the bots.
  10. Any clamp in the structure of the bot should not cover more than half the diameter of the ball.
  11. Any kind of mechanism for kicking the ball in the structure of bot is not allowed.

Bot Specification

  1. Bot can be wired or wireless.
  2. Wireless should have a minimum range of 12 feet.
  3. Wire length must be greater than 11 feet.
  4. Bot dimensions:
  5. Length <= 30 cm
  6. Breadth <= 30 cm
  7. Height <= 30 cm (10% tolerance allowed)
  8. Weight <= 5 kg

Arena Specification

  1. Arena Dimensions: 8 feet by 6 feet
  2. Goal post Dimensions:40cm by 25cm
  3. Ball Diameter: 7cm
  4. The arena will have a plywood base with a green colored carpet surface for the pitch.
  5. The arena will have wall boundaries.
  6. The ball used in the game will be a plastic based ball.


  1. With first goal a team would gain five points. After each successive goal, +1 extra point than previous goal points will be given. If goal streak breaks, and if after that team scores any goal, that goal will be given points as first goal.
  2. Each yellow card will be credited by -2 points and red card with -5 points.
  3. Team scoring higher points will be winner.


Yellow Card
  1. Damaging the arena or the opponent's bot.
  2. Lifting the ball in air by bot.
  3. Foul behavior.
  4. Any action that seems offensive or against the rules to the referee would be considered as foul.

Red Card
  1. Two yellow cards will lead to red card.
  2. Two red cards will lead to disqualification.

In case of any disputes/discrepancies, the organizer’s decision will be final and binding .The organizer reserve the right to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules, if any will be highlighted on the website and notified to the registered team.
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