• A firm resolve to "Take technology to the Society", the words by Hon. Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam during his visit to VJTI in 2009 spelt the humble beginnings of Pratigya which started during Technovanza 2010. It has gone on to become one of the most admired and respected initiatives by the students in this city and has won accolades for being able to bring about a positive change in society at the grass root level. Pratigya is our initiative to generate curiosity about technology in young minds of school students and leave a scientific imprint on their minds. It is our effort not only to orient young minds towards positives of technology and the marvels of engineering, but more importantly, our aim is to mould them into technologically responsible citizens of our future.


  • The Pratigya team at VJTI visited several schools covering different aspects of technology and delving extensively into the devastation our planet is undergoing and the role of humans in it. A major step forward has been the hands-on robotics and aero-modelling workshops being conducted for the students in order to give them a taste of engineering. This enables them to get an early start in case they're interested in tinkering with gadgets and machines and it is heartening to see the interest and inspiration we have managed to generate in the young minds. It is an extremely satisfying experience for us to be able to guide these children onto the right path and be the pioneers of change.


  • Pratigya is way more than an initiative. It’s a movement to better the way young minds think and perceive the world around them, to draw them out of the worlds of their textbooks and wake up to the brilliance of science and technology and all the advancements around them.


  • Four years have passed since PRATIGYA started and our journey has been a fruitful one. We started PRATIGYA with a demo session showing the students what goes into making of a basic robot. That was followed by presentations tracing the growth of technology over the years, the threat unchecked use of technology and industrialization pose to the Earth. In the second year we took PRATIGYA to a different level by conducting hands-on workshops We also conducted presentations on “how cool is engineering”, “how stuff works”, “how it’s made”, followed by a “did u know” session. In the third year PRATIGYA took a new turn by collaborating with NGOs and BMC schools. We have covered around 50 schools, 5 NGOs till now namely Akanksha, Ma Niketan, Marathi Vidyan Parishad, Pratham , Keshav Gore Smarak Trust and an orphanage St. Catherine’s Home.


  • In the fourth edition we adopted NGOs and visited them regularly so as to strongly create a good and lasting impact on them. We had practical experiments on different energy sources like heat, sound, light and mechanical with the students. The NGOs we associated with were Chip Mumbai, Smile Foundation, Piramal Foundation and Teach for India. There were visits to schools Sanyas Ashram BMC School, TMC School, Peoples Education Society among others where we held several sessions in each of the institutions.


  • In the fifth year, PRATIGYA got a huge platform. We covered around 30 schools by associating with 3 NGOs namely Smile, Chip and Teach For India. We did sessions regularly to continue our strong impact on them. We had science facts along with many practical demonstrations on science topics such as light, heat, magnetism, electricity. We also introduced Glider Making Workshop in collaboration with Aero VJTI. Also workshops on Memory Enhancement Techniques and Vedic Maths helped higher standard kids with their studies.

  • Education knows no geographical boundaries. We plan to continue the follow-up sessions started in the previous year as they elicited a heart-warming response. Our aim is to make the sessions more interactive to have a lasting impact. All we want is that children everywhere get a glimpse of the wondrous magic of science and technology. The thirst of knowledge knows neither rags nor riches. Every child has the right to a better future and Pratigya is here to guide them to the future.


  • With our efforts to reach out to more hungry minds, we hope that Pratigya will be the torchbearer that leads these generations to a bigger, brighter future where opportunities abound and create a difference in society.
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