Monster Arena

Prize: ₹ 15,000/-

Teams must build a manually or automatically controlled bot which can endure the obstacles of the arena.
Team Specification :
A team may consist of a maximum of 4 participants. Students from different educational institutes can form a team.
Certificate Policy :
1. Certificate of appreciation/participation will be awarded to the all teams and certificate of excellence will be given to top three teams.
2. Disqualified teams will not be considered for any certificates.

This event consists of two rounds as stated:
Round 1(Qualification Round) :
Each team will run its manually or automatically controlled bot through the arena. This round is the qualification round to enter the final round. In this round your bot will be tested structurally, mechanically, technically and your skills of controlling bot will be challenged to its peak. Your bot has to go through various modules (difficulties) as quickly as possible and cross the finishing line. There will be penalties and bonuses in all the rounds.
Round 2(Final Round) :
Only those teams which qualified 1st round are eligible to participate in the final round.
New modules will be added for final round in the arena, which will be disclosed on that day.
Bot Specification :
The MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS are length 25cm, width 25cm and height 25cm (10 % tolerance is allowed). The bot can be made manualor automatic. Maximum weight of bot must not exceed 5 kg (10% tolerance is allowed).

Overall judgement will be time based i.e. those bots reaching the finishing line in minimum amount of time shall proceed to final round which will be time based too.
If the bot falls off the track then the bot will be manually placed back to track with a penalty of 5 seconds
If the bot gets stuck in any module then bot will be placed manually at the start of that particular module with a penalty of 3 or 5 seconds depending upon that module's points.
The bot can skip two modules with a penalty of 10 seconds. The modules which are skipped thereafter will lead to a penalty of 20 seconds. Module Penalty(in secs)
1 Sand Bath 3
2 Tri-road 4
3 S bridge 3
4 Mud mountain 4
5 Muddle puddle 5
6 Pipes 3
7 Stones 4
8 Step Up 3
9 Humps 4
10 Maze 5
11 Elevator breaker 4
12 Magnetic doors 5
13 Spring door 5
14 Net 2
15 Rolling Rod 5
16 See-Saw 5
17 Brick Road 4
18 Make a way 4
19 Bridge 4
20 Marbles 3
21 Bridge Suspension 6
22 Bridge 5
23 Rollers 6
24 Dath Valley 5
25 Curve Road 5
26 Variable Stairs 5
27 Trash Can 5
28 Speedie 7

Teams can use on-board power supply or external power supply.
The use of standard chassis, readymade Lego kit is allowed.
The maximum voltage to be used is 24V.s
Minimum length of the connecting wires should be 2 meters.

Time taken by bot to cross finishing line.
Number of modules skipped by and left incomplete by bot.
Number of checkpoints touched.
*A bot causing any type of damage to the arena will be disqualified.
Pulling wires
to handle the bot would result in disqualification. The organizers have the right to disqualify any participant indulging in malpractices.
The decision of the Event Organizers is final and cannot be debated upon. *Same bot cannot be used by more than one team.

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