Mission Sql

Prize: ₹ 3,500/-

They say a code without a proper structure is as good as no code. And when it comes to handling databases, a misstep is a disaster. The event will test the ingenuity of the participants at handling the concept, design and syntax of SQL.
The world thrives on data; let’s see how well data thrives on your code!
The game play is purely made to enhance the database skills of participants.
Participant must have knowledge of at least one DBMS among MySQL or Oracle.
All rules and regulations are fixed. No change in any rule will be made in any circumstances.
Fare means will be considered while game play.



  • Participants will play the Role of bank Robbers
  • Each round will consist of Number of gold coins which the robbers can rob from bank
  • Maximum Number of Coins robbed by each robber will decide whether he/she will move to next level or not
  • Number of coins robbed at each level will be counted in next level to add advantage to the Robber
  • At the End of third Level the Robber who robbed Maximum coins will win the Game and the Organizers will add bonus coins to the coins robbed
  • Each round will have a Troubling Point which will act as the Security Guard of the Bank to Trouble the Robber.
  • Organizers are fully permitted to change any rule at any stage (Question) or level (Round).




  • This Round will consist of 25 questions (25 Stages) to solve.
  • Questions are MCQ Type, which can have a single answer or multiple answers. Multiple answer means answer forming by multiple correct options.
  • Questions with multiple options answer will be specified clearly.
  • Each right option selected will add one coin to your progress chart (Coin Bag).

For single answer question, 1 coin. For answer with 3 correct options, 3 coins.

  • Each wrong option selected will deduct one coin.
  • No coins will be ensured for zero selections.


  • As you are Robbers you have a fear of Security Guard to arrive.
  • In each stage (means a single question) time given is 1 minute. But if participant want to take more time, he/she will be given 30 seconds extra.

Whereas, taking extra time will reduce time for next stage.

  • Participant can take such extra 30 seconds for maximum 2 times. And he/she needs to repay it in next stages.
  • Participant will not be allowed for taking extra time for next stages until he/she repays extra time of previous questions.
  • For e.g. after answering 2nd question with 1 minute & 30 seconds. You will get 55 seconds for 3rd, followed by 50 seconds in 4th and so on. This will continue, until you repay those 30 seconds through reduced time.
  • If participant does not opt for extra time, next stage will appear.



  • The round will be based on teams (5-6 teams).
  • Each team will hold 3 participants.
  • But the Judgment will be made on individual level, for that one organizer will stand with the team.
  • Each member of a will come to act a database query or command, on given database.
  • Other 2 can detect a clue of it. Later on, identified command/query can be executed by member of team who detected it.
  • Finally, 5 minutes time will be given for each command to execute on database.
  • The participants who can detect clue will be awarded +3 coins and who solve the command perfectly will be awarded +10 coins
  • All the coins rob in Round 1 and 2 will be collected together.
  • The robbers who robbed maximum coins will be applicable for next round (level).


  • There will be fix time to detect any clue that is 3 minutes a clue.
  • Other 2 members who are trying to identify a query/command can request for a hint.
  • But a hint needs 2 coins from each member of team. (acting & detecting)
  • The team, who identified all 3 commands/queries, will be awarded with total 9 coins. (3 coins to each member)
  • Organizer standing behind will note all the progress; will give hint on request etc.


Round 3: DO OR DIE

  • Each contestant (5-6) will be given 3 problems to solve (complete implementation) on given database.
  • One competent will come to select a cheat which have question written on it. She/he will select the other competent to solve that problem.
  • Cannot repeat the competent once selected, for next problem.
  • This way, 15-18 problems will be distributed among 5-6 competent.
  • If the selected competent solved the problems, she/he will get +15 coins each problem.
  • If she/he can’t solve problem, will result in -5coins per problem.
  • Then the competent who selected that competent, will get chance to solve it. If she/he can, +15 coins will be awarded. If cannot, then 5 coins will be deducted.
  • Such unsolved problems will be given after she/he solves assigned 3 problems.


  • The time given to solve a command to competent will be fixed by organizers at venue itself. In that given time competent has to solve 3 problems.
  • For unsolved problems, competent who had given problem can solve it but time will be half of the time given earlier.
  • If both of them are not able to solve the problem, then it will be announced for all. From other competent, one can ask to solve that problem.
  • If she/he can solve successfully he will awarded +30 coins else for his overconfidence 30 coins will be deducted.

Finally all coins of 3 levels (rounds) will be gathered and stored in Coin Bag of Robber. The Robber having maximum coin will win The GAME.

1.Participant must have knowledge of at least one DBMS among MySQL or Oracle.
2.Registration will be free.
3.Each person can register only once.
4.Participants are not allowed to bring any media devices such as pen drives, CD, DVD etc.
5.Cell phones must be switched off.
6.Any violation of rules will lead to disqualification.
7.Apart from these rules, additional rules will be disclosed on the spot.
8.All other details and further explanation about the event will be disclosed on the spot.
9.The points from previous rounds will be carried forward.
10.The last round will be a decided on the basis of all the accumulated points.
11.Marking scheme and rounds are subject to change on site depending on the participation strength.
12.The decision of the organizers is final and binding.
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