Mission Mumbai

  • This year Mission Mumbai is back with a range of different activities!


  • Through our tagline ‘Tethering Imagineers to the society’ we aim to reach out to the people by providing innovative solutions by the future engineers towards the empowerment of Mumbai. We have targeted problems across the spectrum be it women empowerment, deforestation, redevelopment or highlighting the problems of poor work conditions, providing diagnosing for various ailments through our projects and many more.
  • In a short span of two years, we have come a long way.
  • We started by sending the message of going green by organising event like the Cyclothon.
  • We associated with ‘Oasis’ NGO to conduct E-waste awareness and collection drives in our college, the vicinity and in various schools across the city.
  • We provided a platform for the residents of Mumbai to express their views regarding the problems they face through our event ‘People of Mumbai’ and provided feasible solutions for them.
  • Last year ‘Mission Mumbai’ expanded its horizons by targeting various sections of people in the city.
  • We started with ‘Umeed’ wherein we went to a blind school and displayed our technology which would benefit them.
  • We reached the senior citizens of the city through our event ‘Techie@60’ with the sole aim of making technology more accessible to them.
  • Through our event ‘Khushiyan Bato’, we decided to pay our token of appreciation towards the traffic policemen, who do their duty in the sweltering heat by providing them with refreshments.
  • We also held a beach clean-up drive to imbibe a sense of cleanliness amongst the people of the city.
  • Mumbai Diaries:
    Every Mumbaikar has a voice! Mumbai diaries plans to capture the daily routines of the people of Mumbai taking into account the problems they face in their day to day life and providing solutions for them. It involves taking into account the views of the people about their city.
  • Technokids:
    The children in the city have an IQ more than the world average! This year MM associates with Make A Difference (MAD) an NGO to conduct workshops on cool Tech stuffs like solving a Rubiks cube and helping them nurture their minds.
  • Green Way:
    An initiative taken by Mission Mumbai for the conservation of trees and spreading the message of going Green. We stand by the saying ‘plant a tree, save the world’ and encourage people to inculcate values for nature and adopt Greener ways.
  • Prayaas:
    We at VJTI strive for the empowerment of women and as a part of our initiative ‘Prayaas’ try to help them in understanding the technologies benefiting the people and hence empowering them to achieve success in their field of choice.
  • Uplifting spirits:
    An event to showcase the projects made by the students which can help detect a particular ailment and help treat a disease. This day long event will include visiting public hospitals and showing a demonstration of its working.
  • Smile Mumbai:
    We at Mission Mumbai believe in the hard work done by individuals in the city who doesn’t demand much in return. So we have taken it in our stride to provide refreshments to such people as a token of gesture from our side for the work they do.
  • Club 60:
    An event in which we visit old age homes and showcase some of our projects which can make their lives better.
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