Maker's Square

Prize: ₹ 30,000/-

“The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men who are capable of doing new things. “ - Jean Piaget.

Most of us have lots of ideas but only few of them are able to successfully execute that one idea that makes all the difference.If you are fortunate to have found that killer idea, Maker's Square is your golden ticket.

Maker's Square is a national event to put up your projects and exhibits ranging from civil, mechanical to robotics, chemical, physics experiments etc.This is your chance to make a difference to the world and get into the lime-light. "It's not about Idea, it's about Making Ideas Happen. “

1.Come up with an idea that intrigues you the most and start planning for the project accordingly.
2.Prepare an abstract pertaining to the given format and submit the same by the given deadline.
3.Based on a specific judging criteria considering the difficulty level, innovational content and impementation,a selected group of projects will be selected for display during Technovanza.
4.The winners of the exhibition will be declared by the judges considering all possible aspects.

1.The maximum number of members allowed in a team is 6. Students from different educational institutes are allowed to form a team.
2.All the exhibits which the participants are using should be notified beforehand.
3.A 8×8 ft space will be provided for putting up.Only certain other facilities will be provided (these would be put up later).

1.Winner would be decided on points given by three judges based on different specific criterias. Decision of judges would be final.
1.Participating teams would get participation certificates. Top three teams will be given certificates of excellence.
2.Disqualified teams will not be given any certificates.

  • Send abstract at

  • Abstract should be submitted in PDF only

  • Maximum number of words should be less than 2000 words

  • The contents should be as follows:

  • i. Title
    ii. Introduction
    iii. Motivation behind the Idea
    iv. Working
    v. Mathematical / Graphical support (if any)
    vi. Existing related technologies(if any)
    vii. Improvements in current technologies(if any)
    viii. Videos / Photos
    ix. Summary
    x. References

    The proposal would be judged on basis of feasibility and significance.
    Note: Please mention the following details in the mail of each member:
  • Project Name

  • Member Name

  • Contact number

  • Email-Id

  • College Name

  • Responses without above details won't be accepted
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