Fast N Furious

Prize: ₹ 65,000/-

Design the fastest and the shrewdest IC engine car and put on your seat-belts to face a white-knuckling race through the roughest arena! From the makers of ‘TECHNOVANZA’ here’s another thrilling real time all-terrain racing competition, race THE FAST AND FURIOUS from across the nation! Let’s put your car-designing abilities and your car’s the strength, power and efficiency of to test. Certificates will be given on the spot. FREE Registrations for all!!!!
Team Specification:
A team may consist of a maximum of 5 participants. Students from different educational institutes can form a team.
Certificate Policy:
1. Certificate of appreciation/participation will be awarded to the all teams. And certificate of excellence will be given to top three teams. 2. Disqualified teams will not be considered for any certificates.

1.Make a wireless remote controlled machine, powered by only an IC engine, which can race against other opponents on an off-road dirt track with many obstacles.
2.There will be three different types of races in qualification round:
  • Time Trial
  • Drag
    A.Time trial :
    Each team will get two trials. Each trial consists of two laps. The fastest trial will be considered!!! Not more than two team members will be allowed in the arena at a time. Checkpoints will be placed throughout the arena. If a machine is stuck or falls off the arena, that team will be allowed to pick it up and place it at a checkpoint behind that point, the time for which will be added to the total lap time. If a machine disintegrates in the arena leaving behind loose parts the team will be disqualified. Once the race begins team members will be immediately disqualified if found touching their’s or opponent’s machine. If any of the bots starts off before the flag is waved, the counter would be restarted and the machines will get a second chance. However, if any machine starts off before the waving of flag (or countdown) for a second time, it will be disqualified. Once disqualified the team can't participate again in the event.If any member of a team is found purposely damaging other team's bot the team will be disqualified.
    B.Drag :
    Each team will get two laps. The fastest lap will be considered!! There will be no obstacles in this race type. The teams just have to accelerate on a straight path. Once the race begins the bot is not allowed to stop until it crosses the finishing line. If the bot stops in between the race then that lap will not be considered. The bot is not allowed to touch the boundary tires. Extra time will be be added if the bot touches any boundary tires. Total= A + B .Top teams in qualifying round will make it to the second round.
    In case of any disputes/discrepancies, the organizer’s decision will be final and binding

    1. The machine should fit in a box of dimensions 700mm x 500mm x 600mm throughout the race, excluding the external device which is used to control the machine.
    2. The teams must design a purely wireless remote controlled machine.
    3. The machine parts can be roughly classified into structural and functional parts: Functional parts – ready-made versions of Gears, differential gear, engine, springs, shock absorbers, servo motors (non propulsion purposes only), batteries, wheels can be used. Structural parts - Chassis, steering mechanism, shock towers and suspension (excluding the upper suspension arm, suspension spring and shock absorbers) have to be built by the participants themselves.
    4. Judging for the same will be strict and the participant will be immediately disqualified if any of the above structural components are found to be ready-made. After a thorough inspection, machines which seem dangerous will be disqualified. This decision of the judges and the organizers will be ultimate. Minimum thickness of tyres is 3 inch. Selection of a good width will ensure better performance in dirt tracks.
    5. Brake Mechanism: It is compulsory to incorporate a braking mechanism in the car. Participants have to fabricate the brake pad as a part of the braking mechanism. Any other part used in braking mechanism (including the brake disk) can be readymade. Fabrication is not compulsory
    6. Wheel Hub: Any part rigidly attached to the wheel hub will be considered as a part of it and hence can be ready-made. E.g.:- ball stud.
    7. Steering Mechanism: Any part which is connected to steering rod rigidly i.e. has no degrees of freedom with respect to steering rod will be considered as part of steering rod and thus has to be fabricated by participants. Fabrication is not compulsory.
    8. Suspension mechanism: Any part rigidly connected to suspension arms or one with no degrees of freedom with respect to suspension arm will be considered as its part and has to be fabricated by the participants, except the upper suspension arm. For example both the heim joint for the upper suspension arm and the stud rigidly connected to the wheel hub can be bought from the market.
    9. If there are parts used in the concerned joint which are neither rigidly connected with suspension or the hub, steering system or hub; they can be taken ready-made from the market. Facbrication is not compulsory.
    10. The Bot must be propelled by only mechanical power generated by an internal combustion (IC) engine for propulsion. Only one IC engine should be used in the machine. Use of any other sources such as chemicals, compressed gas, rockets etc. is not allowed.
    11. The maximum allowed capacity of IC engine to be used is 4.6 cc (i.e. Participants can also use 2.5 cc, 3 cc, 3.5 cc or any other IC engine lower in capacity).

      The electric voltage anywhere in the machine should not exceed 12V at any point of time.

    The following pictures depict the track for the time trial round. The tracks for the further rounds will be revealed on the day itself.

    Figure 1

    Figure 2

    Figure 3

    Teams have to send their abstract of their robots on on or before 10th December, 2015 with following informatiom:-

    1.Name of the team.
    2.Name of the caption.
    3.Number of members in the team.
    4.Length of the car.
    5.Width of the car.
    6.Weight of the car.
    7.Diameter of tyres.
    8.Height of car from top to ground.
    9.Ground Clearance.
    10.Engine CC.
    11.Number of fabrications & their description.
    12.Picture of car compulsory and video if possible.

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