" Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited whereas imagination embraces the entire world "- Albert Einstein Intense matches, Fierce competition, Destruction and Glory! An excellent opportunity for robotic enthusiasts to display and improve their skills. Ideate, Innovate, participate and struggle to achieve it.

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I Code

Algorithms and flowcharts everywhere around you? Puzzles and challenges your cup of tea? If so, carve your way through 0's and 1's and code your way to glory.

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I Mech

"The mechanics of industry is easy. The real engine is the people- their motivation and direction." - Ken Gilbert Pick the signs and master the art of designing. Confront the challenges as Newton guides your way to become the undisputed champion.

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Android Hackathon

"Push your brain's accelerator & get a chance to land at m-Indicator! "



"Eureka! I've found it! " Technovanza provides you with an opportunity to present novel contraptions that you believe can cause a breakthrough in the life of mankind. We invite you to bring forth such ideas and present it in a genuine and comprehensive way.

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Online Events

If speed comes naturally to you and if you seek thrill in do-or-die situations, we invite you to take part in the ultimate tech battles through exciting problems as Technovanza goes online for these events

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I Build

" If a structure becomes architecture, then it's art." Technovanza urges you to apply your creativity and engineer brains and innovate structures which can sustain the given challenges. Design your own structures and give it life by making it a real model!

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Open Source Hackathon

We are pleased to announce the kick start of Open Source Hackathon for 2016 in Association with Life Ray and TCS. Attractive prizes, Internship opportunities plus Goodies await the winners of the contest. The participants also have the opportunity to compete with the best in India and be a part of the annual technical fest at VJTI.

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