We’ve all read Agatha Christie, watched and read Sherlock Holmes and Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew and what not detectives, not to forget our very own CID (more of a comedy show) and thought of ourselves as great detective too right??
Well here’s your chance to be a detective… Put on your thinking caps, gear up your mind, get your magnifying glasses and sharpen your deduction skills… We present you our very own Murder Mystery in “Cryptext 2016”.
Decrypt your way into suspect profiles and clues and forensic analysis of murder weapons to find the culprit in this adventure filled event…

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Each round will get you 1 step closer towards finding the killer


Round 1


Scenario of murder (just for reading)

12 statements will be encrypted. The key will be given if necessary in the form of riddles.

Each correct decryption will solve 1 piece of your puzzle.

Key carries 2 marks and decrypted statement carries 8 marks.



Top 25-30 entries will be selected for next round.


Round 2

The investigation has proceeded. But this time they have made it more difficult to crack!

Each statement/clue has been encrypted by using 2 different techniques.

You need submit the answer as well as the intermediate result.

The intermediate carries 5 marks and the answer carries 10 marks.



Top 10 people will play the third round.


Round 3


The mystery has heated up. There are more and more clues being found.

Here, the next clues will be encrypted using some encryption scheme. You need to write a code in Java/C/C++ to decrypt the clue.

The decrypted answer carries 10 marks and the code carries 40 marks.


In case of multiple correct entries the code with lesser execution time will be considered.

1.It’s an individual online event.
2.Each person can register only once.
3.The participants have to complete all the rounds to be able to win the competition.
4.Each participant can make ONLY ONE submission per round.
5.Hints to decode the questions will be provided depending on the gameplay.
6.The decision of the organisers will be final and binding.

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