Prize: ₹ 3,000/-

Here is the rope to success! Can your bot climb it?? But here is the twist. A bot has to climb the rope using any hydraulic mechanism which could be as simple as a syringe.
Team Specification :
The team should consist of maximum 3 members. Students from different Institutes can form a team.
Certificate Policy :
  1. Certificate of participation will be given to all the participating teams.
  2. The certificate of excellence will be given to top 4 teams.
  3. Disqualified teams will not be given any certificate. <>

The arena is shown in the figure. This arena will be used in first level of the Competition. In second (final) level the arena may get modified. Four similar arenas might be arranged next to each other so that first 4 teams can compete at the same time.

The team that performs any act that is not in the spirit of fair play or the team which fails to obey instructions or warnings will be disqualified.
First Round
  1. The first level will be held in first and second day of the festival.
  2. The rope will make an angle of about 60 degree with the horizontal.
  3. The height of the rope will be about 8-10 ft.
  4. The bot must reach the top in least time.
Second Round
Coming Soon

Game Rules
  1. The robot should be based on hydraulic mechanism only.
  2. If the robot topples or falls from its path i.e. the rope, it will be allowed to take a restart but from the starting point.
  3. However the timer will not stop.
  4. The bot cannot be made up of any electrical devices or components e.g. motors. If found using so, the team will be disqualified.

  1. The maximum size of a syringe can be 20 ml.
  2. Maximum size of bot must be 30cm. No steel / aluminum frames can be used for lengthening of robots.
  3. Connecting tubes are allowed to use along with the clamps.
  4. Maximum number of syringes that can be used is 8 including the ones required for controlling the bot.
  5. The fluid used for hydraulic systems should not be combustible.
  6. Nylon rope will be used for the event.
  7. Thickness of the rope will be approximately 10 mm.

Coming Soon
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