SoftLink C-Way

Prize: ₹ 4,000/-

From Embedded Systems to networking, from hardware drivers to legacy games, C and its successor C++ have shown their versatility and functionality. This event is aimed at testing how good our participating C-Farers are at implementing them.

Expect a depth from this often mistaken one-dimensional language family… Are you ready to take a dive??



* This event is totally structured upon C and will be using an array of concepts from basic to advance as you climb up the rounds ladder.


* It will have 3 rounds.


* Last 2 rounds will be strictly programming based.


* Each round will have its own set of points which will not be carried forward in rounds that succeed it.


* All the instructions provided should be followed as closely as possible and any attempt to circumvent them should be avoided.




                                        ROUND I (Rudimentary)


* This round will be of rudimentary level containing MCQs, output predictions and error detection and crosswords.


* There will be around 15 MCQs and 1 crosswords.(1 point for each MCQ and 5 point for crossword)


* You will have around 20 minutes to get through it.


* Only a predetermined number of people (approx..25% of participants) will make it through this round.




                        ROUND II (FICKLE FLY)


* This round will be programming based.


* Each contestant will have a predetermined number of solutions to code (3-4).


* This round will last around 30 minutes.


* The contestant will have to switch back and forth between his solutions after he/she has written some fixed lines of code or after a predetermined amount of time has passed.


* The results will be judged on their accuracy in code and top of the row contestants will make it into the third and the final round.



                        ROUND III (Short and Sweet)


* This round will have only 2 solvable problems and will last 30 minutes.


* The goal of the contestant will be to write code which is short and accurate and do it in the least amount of time.


* Scores will be assigned based on the number of characters used and the time taken.

1.All the programming for this contest will be done in C programming language.
2.Each person can register only once.
3.The competition will be executed in 3 rounds.
4.In case of a tie, ‘Fastest finger first’ game will be played.
5.Participants are not allowed to bring any media devices such as pen drives, CD, DVD etc.
6.Cell phones must be switched off.
7.Any violation of rules will lead to disqualification.
8.Apart from these rules, additional rules will be disclosed on the spot.
9.All other details and further explanation about the event will be disclosed on the spot.
10.The marking scheme is subject to change on site considering the participation strength.
11.All decisions made by the event heads will be final.
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