Bridge the Gap

Prize: ₹ 7,000/-

Across gulfs and rivers, between people and countries, bridges break down separation and foster connectedness. The world has gone at its heights to reach the sky. As far back as we can see in history, human beings have used technology to solve problems and ease physical burdens and this has played a major role in human development. Here is your chance to build structures with your own techniques and skills and make the marvels of engineering!!
Round 1 :
  1. Construct a TWO SIDE SUPPORTED TRUSS BRIDGE of length 60cm using standard popsicle sticks and adhesives.
  2. The bridge must have only two footings and the distance between their centres must be 50cm
  3. Overlap criteria – The structure must be a truss ( not a beam), not more than 2 Popsicle sticks should be overlapped to make a truss member.
  4. Footing width should not exceed the width of deck.
  5. The roadway should be continuous and should allow 10cm X 10cm vehicle to pass the entire length of the bridge.
  6. The width of the bridge at any point shall not be more than 12.5cm.
  7. Total height of the bridge with footing must not be less than 20cm and must not exceed 30cm. No truss members must be placed 5cm above the roadway.
Round 2 :
Details will be revealed on the day of the competition.

  1. The bridge must be constructed only from Popsicle sticks (12cm X 1.2cm X 0.2cm ) and adhesives (Synthetic white adhesive or single component cyanoacrylate adhesive).
  2. No other material can be used.
  3. Any material should not be stained, painted or coated in any fashion with any foreign substance.
  4. The Popsicle sticks may be cut or trimmed to any shape or size.
  5. The adhesive can only be used to join Popsicle sticks together; however adhesives cannot be applied on the free surface of the member sticks to increase its strength.
  6. Length of deck should be 60(+-1)cm
  7. Width of deck should be of 1 stick
  8. Height of width deck from the footing should be 15(+-1)
  9. Initially allotted sticks = 170
  10. Initially allotted Glue= 2 cups
  11. Crossing may be provided in between the footings.
  12. Girders may be provided in the bridge
  13. Distance between the footings should be 50 (+-1)cm
  14. Only two footing should be provide.
  15. Overlapping criteria: Joints should resemble a pin connection, so not more than 2 cm of popsicle sticks should be overlapped. Two sticks can be overlapped completely.

Bridge will be judged on:-
  1. Total load sustained.
  2. Total no. of sticks left /demanded.
  3. Aesthetics.
  4. Extra time requested by the competitors.
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