Aqua Battlefront

Prize: ₹ 10,000/-

Do you believe in good moves? Because one wrong decision might be your last move! We at Technovanza introduce Aqua BattleFront, a robotic event where you with the help of your aquabot will complete required task in a real time battle with your opponent
Team Specifications
Maximum number of participants allowed per team are 4. Student from different educational institutes can form a team.
Certificate Policy
  1. Certificate of appreciation/participation will be awarded to all the teams and certificate of excellence will be given to top three teams.
  2. Disqualified teams will not be considered for any certificates.

  1. Duration of each game will be 3 minutes.
  2. The robots must push and place the balls in the holder.
  3. Robot will start from the centre of arena.
  4. The arena will comprise of 3 green balls, 1 red ball, 1 yellow ball and three holders per participant.
  5. You can start by pushing any one ball in any of the holders.
  6. One holder can only hold a single ball at a time.
  7. Team which will place all three green balls in the holder will win. In case of timeout, the participant with maximum number of green balls in their respective holder will win.
  8. If a red ball is placed in front of a green ball, that green ball will be placed back to its original position and the red ball will stay there. Till the red ball is in the holder a green ball can't be placed in front of it.
  9. By placing a yellow ball in front of the red ball, both the red and the yellow ball will be picked and placed outside the arena.
  10. Once placed in the holder, the ball cannot be replaced/moved/touched by the bots.
  11. In case of a draw, it will be resolved by the organizers only.
  12. In all matters of ambiguity or dispute, the organizers' decision stands final and abiding.

  1. The event is time-based i.e. the bot completing the task first will be declared as winner.
  2. All balls will be placed at initial position at start of the game.
  3. The bot can neither transform in size nor divide in parts at the arena.
  4. Two hand touch, 30 seconds each will be allotted in case of immobilization of bot for modification or repairing.
  5. 12V maximum power supply is allowed. Change of battery during the game is prohibited.
  6. All efforts must be made to protect battery terminals from a direct short and causing a battery fire, failure to do so will cause direct disqualification.
  7. Use of damaged, non-leak proof batteries may lead to disqualification.
  8. Special care should be taken to protect the on-board batteries. If judges found that the battery is not properly protected, then team will be disqualified immediately.
  9. Robot should not damage any part of the arena. In case it does it will lead to immediate disqualification.
  10. Participants are requested to have necessary protection for their circuits. Organizers are not responsible if your circuit is damaged.
  11. In case of a draw, it will be resolved by the organizers only.
  12. In all matters of ambiguity or dispute, the organizers' decision stands final and abiding.
  1. The bot can be wired or wireless.
  2. Maximum dimension of bot 25cm X 25cm X 25cm.

Fig 1.

Fig 2.

Fig 3.Green balls in slots

Fig 4.Green and red ball in slots.

Fig 5.Yellow ball and red ball in slot

  1. The game is only meant as a fun medium through which participants can get a better insight of the event.
  2. Gameplay and rules given for the event are final and any variation or loop hole found regarding the gameplay in this game are to be ignored.
  3. This game should not be used on the main event day to point out loopholes or gameplay related issues.
  4. For any query regarding the event gameplay, contact the event heads.

  1. Player one can control the pink bot using A S W D keys.
  2. Player two can control the purple bot using Arrow keys.
  3. Player one can release currently held ball by pressing R.
  4. Player two can release currently held ball by pressing L.

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