Algorithm is defined as an instance of logic, the key to unlock the toughest challenges of programming.
Here is your chance to test your logic and crack the most demanding and mindboggling challenges of Algorithm.
Are you ready to change your thinking radically to solve our most difficult problems?

The event will be hosted this year on Hackerearth


Results of Algocrack 2016 have been declared.To view the result Click here.


  1. The Round B of Algocrack will start on Hackerearth from 10:00 AM on 16th September.
  2. Only selected candidates will be allowed to appear for Round B. All selected candidates will recieve the test link on their e-mail ids
  3. Read all the instructions carefully on Hackerearth before starting the test.
  4. All the participants will have to first Sign Up on the Hackerearth website.
  5. The test duration is of 5 Hours.
  6. The event link will be active from 16th September 10:00 AM to 17th September 10:00 PM. Participants can start the test anytime between this time.

Round B:Algo-Puzzle

In this Round thee will be 3 questions:

1. Program

2. Puzzle

3. Questions without options

This is the final round and top 3 will be selected as the winners.

Total questions 15 Total points 150
Programs 5 20 marks each 100
Puzzle 5 5 marks each 25
Questions without option 5 5 marks each 25

1.Participation is individual.

2.Only one entry per participant per round will be entertained.


4.This submission should include all your solutions.

5.Algorithms should be in proper English statements(C/C++ or java programs are not allowed).

6.Programs should be in C,C++ or Java language only.

7.Only Complete Algorithm will be considered.

8.Also any submission that contains harmful code, malware,etc. will lead to disqualification.

9.Any violation of rules will lead to disqualification.

NOTE: Participants will have to provide their name,college,department,email id and contact information along with their solution,failing to which participation may get revoked.

Algocrack 2016 Winners
  • First Place: Vaibhav Mhatre

  • Second Place: Sanket Shanbagh

  • Third place: Saurabh Mardikar


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