College Cup

"A Great Leader Attracts People and Knows How to Hold Them Together."
Here we present you the most exciting event in Technovanza 2016 - 'COLLEGE CUP'. Every college from India is eligible to participate in College Cup and for that we are appointing Campus Ambassadors for every college.
Are you a leader on campus and comfortable coordinating people, events and exhibits ?
Apply to become the VJTI Technovanza Campus Ambassador of your college campus and get a golden opportunity to lead your college in national level college cup.
The College Cup includes all the Events and Exhibits during the three days of Technovanza .
Further details about the ambassador program and college cup would be sent in the subsequent mail to the registered ambassadors.
For registering, click here

Easy Medium Hard
Climb-E-Rope Monsterarena Robowars
Javaguru Smart-city VRC
Mission SQL Wall-E Fast N Furious
C-way Robosoccer Robosumo
Bridge the Gap Aqua-Battle Front Ultimate Coder
TPP Makers Square

  • Easy Level coins = 50×Winners + 40×1stRunner Up + 25×2ndRunner Up + 5×Participation

  • Medium Level coins = 100×Winners + 80×1stRunner Up + 50×2ndRunner Up+10×Participation

  • Hard Level coins = 250×Winners + 200 × (1st Runner up) + 125×2nd Runner up + 25 × Participation

  • Total Basket Coins = Hard Level coins + Medium level coins + Easy Level coins

  • Earn as much basket coins as you can to lift the prestigious college cup and lead your college to glory.

  • 1. Every college should have a Campus Ambassador to be able to participate in College Cup.
    2. The Campus Ambassador of the college winning the College Cup has to be present during the event to collect the trophy and cash prize.
    3. In case of a tie preference will be given to the college with more teams participating for hard category events followed by medium and small respectively.
    4. Only the events mentioned will be considered for calculating the points.
    5. Colleges from all over India are eligible to participate in College Cup. VJTI will not be a part of College Cup.
    6. If a team has members from more than one college than the points (participation & winning) will be divided equally among those colleges. Eg:- If there are members from two colleges in a team participating in an easy level event than the participation points will be 5/2= 2.5 added to the final tally of both the colleges.
    7. If the participating team comprises of members from VJTI and other colleges the points will be divided in the same manner but no points will be awarded to VJTI as it is not a part of College Cup.
    8. If a team comprises of some members of colleges which are not a part of college cup (according to rule no.1) then the points will be divided in the same manner as rule no.6 and the college which is not a part will get no points.
    9. The winner's trophy will belong to the college and not any individual.
    10. Incase there are two teams standing 3rd ,points will be equally distributed
    11. In case of any disputes/discrepancies decision of the judging panel will be final and binding. The panel reserves the right to change any or all of the above mentioned rules as deemed fit. Changes if any will be highlighted on the website.
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